Transfer to 2022 Tour De Tahoe, Sept 11th 2022

For any of our registered riders who originally signed up for our 2020 or 2021 events. We appreciate your patience and understand the frustration. Trust us, we’d rather host a bike event than cancel it. Your registration has continued to move in our system and you are part of our June 5th, 2022 database.

This form serves as a final transfer to move from June 5th, to the September 11th, 2022 ride.

  • Required Transfer Information

    Please note to transfer we do require both pieces of information. The last 4 digits of the credit card used to register the rider, along with the event entry ID. These are both in your confirmation email. See screen shot below. Your original email would have been sent from
  • This can be found in your event confirmation email
    By transferring you understand your registration will be moved from the 2022 June event to the 2022 Sept event. This is the final transfer we are allowing from the 2020/2021 cancelled rides. Please note that in the event our September ride is for any reason cancelled you will no longer have any future ride credit. No refunds will be issued.
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